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Erv Schmidt



About Erv:

Erv became interested in photography after his father was transferred to the Philippines and lived in both San Miguel and Subic Bay. There he purchased his fist REAL camera a Canon FTb 35mm film camera. He learned to use the manual focus, maximum-aperture, TTL metering, match-needle exposure adjustment, and high-precision 12% partial metering at the center camera like it was an extension of his own arm. He took the camera everywhere and took pictures of everything a tropical island paradise has to offer.

Erv learned to develop his own black and white film and soon the darkroom is where you would find him if he wasn't taking pictures. He then learned to develop color film and began experimenting with all types of early photographic special effects like panning, selective focus, flair artifacts, colored flashes, use of mirrors, wide angle distortion, solarization, multiple exposure, tripod mounted time exposure using a cable release, time lapse exposure and even underwater photography.

He became a staff photographer for George Dewey High in the Philippines and his talent behind the camera helped produce a stunning yearbook. Erv won his first Photo contest with a picture taken through a school bus window of a local man in a rainstorm. Erv was asked by the Base Commander to provide him with a large image of the winning photograph for him to display in his office.

Erv was given a Canon AE-1 in his senior year of high school and his love for photography grew and grew.

Since the coming of age of Digital Photography Erv has found new techniques to master and a plethora of creative avenues to pursue. Erv prefers existing light photography and tries to only use a flash when necessary.  He now uses a Canon 5d with the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM lens most of the time as it offers him the most light, but unfortunately it has no image stabilization. But that doesn't worry him as he has developed a very steady hand over the years and does just fine with it that way. 

Erv has photographed many typed of events including, Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Military Functions ( including the Navy and Submarine Balls), College Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holiday Events..

Erv is constantly continuing to stay on top of the ever changing trends in modern digital photography and currently attends the School of Digital Photography.

Erv photographing in the Great Outdoors

Erv capturing the brilliant colors of a sunset on Avery Point Campus

Erv Shooting a Wedding at the Coast Guard Academy


Here is a little sample of Erv's artistic eye:





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